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Untold History

400 Years of Untold History

Unlearn to Relearn the facts about the Descendents of American Slaves

To create a new discourse in the American Experience that rights the inaccuracies of divisive economic, moral, political, religious and social cultures surrounding slavery and its aftermath in our nation. To discover the historical facts that unite us as Americans.

To explore our past 400 year history so that we can “Unlearn to Relearn” and bring about help in the healing and reconciliation to all Americans

About The Project


Nearly 400 years ago 20+ African Natives were brought against their will from the Coast of West Africa to the early developing new land and settlement at Jamestown.

History Untold 400 is a nationwide historical research project that will enable research-based articles a voice through a host of areas of interest centered around pre-dated American History that accounts for the impact of slavery as an economic

driving engine and how it shaped the American Experience through Arts, Business, Education, Family, Government, Media and Religion over the past 400 years. Our collective research-based initiative will consist of untold historically documented accounts, interviews, letters and artifacts of the life of the early slaves and their descendants. This project will explore strategies to begin dialog that has the potential to heal all Americans.

This project was designed to help all Americans unlearn the stereotypes, racial bias, and prejudice that have divided us as a nation, as well as begin to relearn the amazing contributions, discoveries, innovations, and inventions developed throughout the last 400 years. It is through this project that we will reweave the tapestry of our democracy and tell the story of History Untold 400.

  • Coffee Table 4 Volume Book Series

History Untold 400 will capture and highlight a historical collection of writing from original researched works from around the nation. All researched artifacts will be carefully peer reviewed and edited for four beautiful leather bounded 400 page 11×17 embossed folded, stamped, gold leafed page Limited Edition Coffee Table Books. Each book will navigate 100 years of history, marking the challenges and triumphs of the early arriving African Slave; and chronicling, their Journey to Jamestown, and, recording their contribution to the formation of the United States. Also, additionally, marking their survival during The civil war, emancipation and construction of the modernized nation that we know today.

  • Online Education Portal

History Untold 400 will develop an online education portal that will allow educators and students of all ages to discover and explore history in a new and interactive way. Our History Untold 400 Education Portal will provide detailed Comprehensive Primary, Secondary and Post Secondary level curriculum that will include a collection of artifacts, audio-visual supports, and interviews.  Suggested collaborative activities, Community  Service Proposals and a host of other service centered academic opportunities will be available.  These opportunities may help educators across grade levels integrate 400 centered works.

  • Merchandise and Memorabilia

Merchandise and memorabilia will be available to further the 400 motion which will include, but not limited to items such as backpacks, baseballs, coffee mugs, keychains, pens, portfolios, watches and water bottles. All of which can be purchased at the online store portal All proceeds of purchases will go towards the 400 mission. More importantly, educational supports for classrooms can be obtained at the same portal.

Untold History

Research SUbjects

1619-1719 Journey to Jamestown

  • The Impact on the Families of the Newly Arriving African                                                        
  • The Impact of Philosophical and Religious Beliefs and the influence on African Slaves                                                            
  • Educating the Newly Arriving African Slaves                                                                         
  • The Influence of Government on Arriving African Slaves                                                           
  • The Influence of Media Propaganda in Relationship to the System of Slavery                                                            
  • The Influence of African Slaves on the Art & Culture of early settlements

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